Location/ Access

 Important Factors-

#1)   Access for the Swing Set Tower / Hut:  The catalog will show the tower size such as 4 x 4;  5 x 5;  4 x 6 etc. and you will need a couple of feet more than that size to fit the swing set in your yard

#2) Choose the most level area in your backyard 

#3) Ground Preparation for your swing set is your responsibility ;;; We can advise you on a good choice, but ultimately you will need to choose, and possibly hire a landscaper to prepare the area.

Setting a budget

Backyard Structures has been in business for 30+ years and have used numerous Amish factories.  These swing sets are the best built and most affordable swing sets for your money.

We chose to no longer carry Wooden Swing Sets because of the multitude of problems that accompanied them.

We now use Star Quality Swing Sets and feel the many years in business and the different factories have brought us to THE BEST factory available.

We also can offer financing through RTO and have a link on our About Us page.

Keeping Children Active

There’s no end to the benefits of your child getting exercise, using his or her imagination and socializing with the neighborhood kids on their outdoor play set. Just think, your new swing set can help your children’s physical health as well as their mental well being and self esteem!