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We offer many different styles of pool sheds and pool houses, in all sizes, all of which can be modified with customizable details to fulfill your needs. Whether you are just looking for a shed to store supplies in or a larger space with room to entertain or get dressed, your final design can be a mix of the practical functionality you require and the decorative style you desire. Let one of our sales consultants advise you on the best fit for your property.

WOW! The pool house will never be the same… If one product out of our entire line has taken off it would be the pool house. This product has developed wings and just keeps evolving.

The reason for this is that our pool houses have no limits to how far you can go with design…Never before could you order a pool house that could be built to your specifications complete with electric and insulation and interior walls or paneling and have drop shipped right to your backyard. This turn key alternative to building your pool house on site by a local contractor
has caught fire. Not only can you be a part of designing your one of a kind pool house complete with all your desires, but you can expedite the process and lower the cost dramatically by having Backyard Structures by Yardworks take care of your project.

We also now offer once again partnerships with the best local contractors to help with backyard landscape design if necessary.

So what you thought may not be affordable in an outdoor pool house that the entire family can escape to during those hot summer days is now only a step away, call or stop in and we will be glad to show you how possible creating your dream pool house can be.

If you are looking for that perfect accent to your pool area, let Backyard Structures by Yardworks help make your decision easier. Our staff can pass their knowledge along to you our customers, our neighbors, our friends the way we have been doing for 28 years. If you value quality, look no further. Our Amish built pool houses are the best quality in all of Monmouth County NJ and surrounding areas. Backyard Structures by Yardworks has added different styles of pool houses, bar sheds, cabanas, sun rooms and more with more options for you now than ever.