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Need a place for the family to hang out? Looking for a spot to get out of the blazing sun and into the cool shade? Our pergolas are great for enjoying a meal with family, relaxing in the shade by the pool or just getting reprieve from the weather. Pergolas create a central gathering point in the yard, that also adds value to your home. They are the perfect way to create an outdoor “room” feeling in an open space.

Pergolas have more options than you may think… We can and have added privacy walls to our Pergolas. We can add a retractable awning over top for shade, privacy, UV protection and looks.
We also have recently added a curtain option for those that prefer something better looking and less permanent than the privacy wall. Now you can decorate your Pergola to create an outdoor room for entertaining or placing a hot tub for enjoying those cold nights in a warm soak.

From gorgeous looking to extremely practical you truly can have the best of both worlds with our beautiful Pergolas created one at a time with you, our customer in mind!