Other Services

At Backyard Structures, we often get calls for other services related to shed and structures that might already exist on your property.  That’s why we have a comprehensive selection of SHED & STRUCTURE services that can help you deal with a shed or structure that you might have purchased from someone else.

Here’s the great news!  Our expert and insured Backyard Structure staff is ready to help you with any of these services:

  • Site Inspection —- Check Access for product and  yard pitch for foundation—-BYS offers this service free of charge while our competitors do NOT offer this service or charge for it
  • Shed Moves
  • Shed or Structure Demolition
  • Shed Site Relocation
  •  Minor Shed Repairs
  • Swingset Moves
  • Swingset Removal
  • Structure Bases
  • Fence Removal & Replacement for Deliveries
  • Stone Structure Bases
  • Major Shed/Gazebo Repair——–DONE by Juan Carlos Portillo
  • PT Boxes for Stone base————DONE by Juan Carlos Portillo

Juan Carlos Portillo is our trusted delivery/installation expert that conducts all types of light carpentry, painting, tile, electric and more and makes very sturdy and affordable retaining walls out of Pressure Treated Lumber for the stone bases when your yard is NOT level.

or any other service related to your shed, garage, swingset or backyard structure.  732-495-8866

delivery truck
delivery truck
Mule Delivery
Mule Delivery
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stone pad