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10 x 10 Vinyl Pavilion with optional Cupola and 10" tappered columns

10 x 16 Wood Pavilion with optional floor

Vinyl Pavilion with optional cupola with glass and optional Round columns mounted on stone pillars

Wood stained pine pavilion. Homeowner was very talented mason contractor and created a great outdoor living space.

Standard Vinyl Pavilion with optional larger posts

Vinyl Gable Pavilion

Wood Gable Pavilion painted

Custom Pavilion with metal roof and extra wide posts

12 x 16 Vinyl Bell Roof

Rough Cut Cedar Pavilion with Metal roof

Pavilions have the ability to effectively turn your backyard into a living room, a kitchen, or just a hang out area of any size. There are many different designs and materials available and they are all fully customizable and allow you to add your personal touch. They are perfect for creating that outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. Contact us to help you design and create the backyard of your dreams.

Pavilions are gaining popularity day by day. Adding to our outdoor living product line, the pavilion is catching up with the gazebo and pergola for some obvious reasons. The look and feel of
our Pavilions can only be described as majestic. They truly are a piece of finely crafted architecture right in your backyard for a fraction of the price of what contractors or some of the online giant stores that charge a premium for shipping.

When planning your backyard oasis consider a pavilion to create that extra living space in the privacy of your backyard….our customers have created living rooms, fire places, entertainment center complete with big screen TV and surround sound, outdoor complete chefs kitchens, and more.


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